Dear Shaun,
"Given you have just finished the third building project for us, I just wanted to thank you for the quite superb job you have done and completed before the scheduled date. I know this last project through up some challenges which you seem to have overcome without a word of complaint and with a degree of ease. We are so pleased with the end result which has been which has been done within budget, which you can’t often say these days! All the work carried out has demonstrated your utter professionalism. It is quite tiring with builders around for all the time, but you and Alan have worked very tidily and your cheery demeanor has made it very easy for us and with respect for our privacy. As ours is a listed building, the quality of work and the materials used have to reflect the age of the house which you have undoubtedly done; the quality of the craftsmanship is exceedingly high. Thank you so much for a truly excellent job, and we much look forward to asking you back to carry out the next major project we have in mind, which will start sometime next year."
Best wishes,